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In its sweet way, the perfect wedding cake is a reflection of the perfect marriage a wedding cake should be symbolic of the union it is celebrating. Like the vows that are spoken, it should be remembered forever. And like the marriage itself, it should have complexity,balance, and, of course, plenty of sweetness, tempered perhaps by a little spice. Although there has been a trend toward wedding cakes that do not taste good, there is no reason yours should not be the main attraction at dessert time. Moist, rich cakes that can stand up to a day or two of building and decorating are essential, as are flavors, and other miniatures to complement the cake and prolong the pleasure of the party.

Also, consider dressing up each slice with a sauce, fresh fruit, ice cream, or sorbet. The bride gets to show off-why shouldn’t the cake get to do the same? Never should a wedding cake be just a lovely but empty temple, to be admired but not savored. There should be a strong connection between the outside and the inside.

In classical French cooking, there is some hint given to a food’s flavor by its garnish, so you know what it is you are about to eat. The flavor of a cake can be reflected in the decorations as well. The size of your gathering plays a part in the decoration-making that takes place around your cakes. Is your wedding going to be small and intimate or grand and glamorous? Or somewhere in between?

The cake should be suited to the style and size of the party. Will your cakes be the centerpiece of a large tent, or will it await its big moment on a sideboard in your parents’ home? Smaller cakes, which may not need to be assembled as far in advance or support as much weight, can have more delicate cake layers and fresher, softer fillings like whipped cream or mousse. A larger creation might need a sturdier cake, slightly less perishable fillings, and perhaps, a covering of fondant to help keep it fresh when it becomes too large to refrigerate.

We take pride in every cake that leaves our bakery and our motto is “Our cakes taste as good as they look”. After all, the cake should make people swoon- like falling in love.

By: The Cake Lady Bakery

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