Traveling Through Grief

Some of the deepest, darkest moments of truth we experience in life erupt in places that are not in the home: such as, mid-flight in an airplane, on a long bus ride to a nearby city, or sitting in a café drinking coffee halfway across the world.

When you step outside of your comfort zone, it is just you and only you. That’s one of the first steps in dealing with any turmoil coursing through your veins; to confront and face, and process.

You might think someone is crazy to take a trip right after a loved one dies, but if the journey to grief recovery is individual and spiritual, what better place than the open road to dive right in?

No matter your emotional state, traveling always provides an insightful vantage point into your life, but when you’re grieving, that vantage point often widens into something much more. Grief is an isolating experience. It’s lonely and quiet and it’s easy to sink into. Reminding yourself there is a whole world out there still turning on its axis can be vital.

Got a lost loved one on your mind? It helps to get away! I’m planning a cultural trip to Oaxaca Mexico for Day of the Dead, would you like to come with us and explore the ways in which the other side of the world handles death and grieving?

Written by: Angelina H. Rodriguez

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