Beauty Tips #2 from Dr. Terri Alani

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Dr. Terri Alani, D.D.S. 
5636 Westheimer Rd Houston TX 77056

“A beautiful smile speaks when you don’t,” says Dr. Alani. Women are especially concerned about achieving the perfect smile, and Dr. Alani and her all-female staff understand that each woman has unique needs, and can relate well to their concerns. She knows how important aesthetics are to women, and is able to see that color variations some dentists consider adequate may not be acceptable for a woman’s keen sense of beauty. This ability to communicate effectively with women, Dr. Alani says, is “the strength of our office.”

Dr. Alani prides herself in the ability to achieve natural-looking whitening. Like an artist, she considers color and shading when performing whitening treatments, so each patient receives the perfect white that’s right for them, carefully matched like a string of pearls. Dr. Alani uses the ZOOM® Whitening system, which only takes an hour, so that even busy moms and women with demanding careers can get superior whitening.

Dr. Alani is a woman’s woman: smart, good-looking, and real. The media likes her, too; for the past three years, she’s been a monthly guest on “Great Day Houston” with Debra Duncan and is also a weekly panelist for “Medical Mondays” on CBS’ Houston affiliate, KHOU channel 11. Her television appearances inform about everything from periodontal disease to cosmetic dentistry. Radio also taps her nearly 30-year expertise as talk-show host with her brother, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Wayne Alani. Together they discuss health-related topics every Tuesday at 1 p.m. on CNN 650 AM. The show has become a sounding board recently for healthcare reform and even though it’s a lively entertaining show, on its serious side, the experience Dr. Alani says, influences her practice. “We look at our patients’ overall health to solve their dental issues,” she says.

Root canals to gum treatments are still important functions of her office, but Dr. Alani’s special interest is in aesthetic dentistry. She has recently generated a huge amount of interest as a leading provider of Snap On Smile”, which is an instant million-dollar-smile makeover appliance fitting over existing teeth. It gives an appearance of perfect, straight whites. The appliance is removable and a less expensive alternative to complete dental makeovers involving multiple procedures. Dr. Alani’s aesthetic work also incorporates Veneers and invisalign®.

She’s a former Texas Aggie who has created a successful practice in Houston one smile at a time.

One of Dr. Alani’s best friends writes about her in the best selling book by Whitney Casey“The Man Plan”.

Education: Texas A&M University, B.S.; University of Texas Houston, D.D.S.

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